Multiscope Consulting Engineers Ltd is a Kenyan consulting engineering firm that started operations in April 2001 as a sole proprietorship but later in April 2007 registered as a limited company. The firm adopts a multi-disciplinary teamwork approach to solving engineering problems of varied nature and complexities. The organization of the firm is simple since every job is handled by a team comprising the firm’s core staff as the team leaders while bringing on board expertise consultants to assist where necessary. Overall responsibility is vested in the firm’s directors who oversee the progress of the various teams.

To be a leading civil engineering consultancy firm in Kenya and beyond her boarders.

To provide innovative and quality solutions to our Clients’ engineering problems on schedule and within budget:

Innovative Solutions.

The continual advance of science and technology and the fertile imagination of designers make new solutions an ever-present possibility, even for the most common problems. A totally new problem calls for innovativeness. The merits of innovative solutions to old problems, however, must be compared to established previous solutions in-order to justify them. Our selection process involves the consideration of all possible alternatives: those well known, those new and unproven and those only imagined.

Quality Solutions.

Our objective is to recognize and find solutions to the perceived needs of our clients’ engineering and social-economic problems; solutions that are feasible, economical and environmentally sustainable. Quality solutions can only result if there are documented procedures for executing any of the tasks at hand. In this regard the firm determines the required quality, undertakes quality planning, and then formulates quality assurance and quality control procedures to execute any project.

On Schedule delivery of Services

The firm uses modern methods of project management to ensure that the project includes all the work, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully by defining and controlling what is or is not included in the project so as to meet the sponsors’ and stakeholders’ goals and objectives. Once the scope of works is defined, the firm follows project time management techniques, which includes activity definition, activity sequencing, duration estimating, establishing the calendar, schedule development and time control to deliver the project on schedule.

Within Budget Delivery of Services
To deliver a project within the approved budget, the firm uses project cost management techniques, which essentially require resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting, cash flow and cost control.
In order to achieve these aims and do so in a manner which enables the Firm to achieve it’s planned financial and growth objectives, the Firm operates its business activities in accordance with a quality management system, which complies with the relevant requirements of ISO 9001. The system is expressed through a Quality Assurance Manual and its supporting manuals and procedures, instructions and other documents. Compliance by all staff with the requirements of the system is mandatory.